Smoking Policy

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Arcadia University is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning, working and living environment for all members and guests of our community. The smoking policy is designed to minimize the negative effects of secondhand smoke; improve fire safety; and to encourage a more sustainable environment.


This policy applies to any individual on campus property, including but not limited to students, faculty, staff, other employees, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, visitors and members of the public, and is applicable twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.


“Smoking” means (1) lighting or burning any type of matter or substance that contains tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, beedies, kreteks, water pipes, bongs, and hookahs; (2) lighting or burning of non-tobacco plants or marijuana; and (3) using electronic cigarettes.

“Campus Property” means any property owned, leased, occupied, operated or otherwise controlled by Arcadia University, including but not limited to academic and auxiliary buildings, classrooms, laboratories, residences, residence halls, elevators, stairwells, restrooms, meeting rooms, hallways, lobbies and other common areas, conference facilities, and athletic complexes and facilities.

“Tobacco Products” means all forms of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, beedies, kreteks, water pipes, bongs, and hookahs, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco and any non-FDA approved nicotine delivery device or product.


The University prohibits smoking (including the use of smokeless tobacco) in all campus properties, including but not limited to all classrooms, residences, laboratories, common or lounge areas, conference or meeting rooms, hallways, dining facilities, library and restrooms. In addition, smoking is prohibited within twenty (20) feet of any entrance to a University facility or building. Smoking is ONLY permitted in outdoor locations at least (20) feet away from doorways, open windows and ventilation systems to prevent smoke from entering University buildings and facilities. Smokers are responsible for disposing of waste in proper receptacles.


Notice of this policy is to be provided to all students, faculty, staff and contractors through established communication channels. This policy relies on the thoughtfulness and consideration of smokers and non-smokers. All members of the university community and guests of the University are responsible for observing this policy.

Exceptions such as Ceremonial smoking or smoking research subject to advance approval by the Dean of Students or his/her designee.