Reserving Space On Campus

Dilworth Hall 

Any events and programs at the University must be sponsored by academic departments, administrative offices, or recognized student organizations to be considered University events. All space for events (except academic classes) are able to be reserved by making a request via Arcadia's Event Management System (EMS). This is an online reservation system found on MyArcadia at

Once a request for a space reservation is made in EMS, Conference Services staff will review and send a confirmation to the requesting party if the space reservation is approved. Room set-ups, catering and A/V needs can also be requested when submitting a space request in EMS. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the condition of the space used and will be held responsible for any damages or difficulties that may occur as a result of the event.

Publicity for University events must include the name of the sponsoring organization. Posters and other event marketing information may not advertise the distribution of alcoholic beverages and other controlled substances. 

For guidelines and assistance with using EMS to reserve space on campus, please contact Conference Services at 215-572-2998 or via email to .

Visit the Conference Services & Guest Housing website on MyArcadia for more information.