Public Safety Department

Welcome to the Public Safety Department!

Public Safety
Dilworth Hall

Emergency Calls    
2999 from on-campus phone

Non Emergency Calls    
215-572-2900 (Switchboard)    
215-572-2800 (Office)

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The Public Safety Department patrols all University properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via vehicle, bike and foot patrol for the protection of the Arcadia University community. Public Safety personnel, in conjunction with federal, state and local agencies enforce laws, statutes and ordinances along with University rules and regulations. The department also provides services for the betterment of the University community. All faculty, staff and students are required to have in their possession at all times their Arcadia University photo identification card and upon request shall present the card to Public Safety personnel. Public Safety may be contacted at 215-572-2800 (ext. 2800 on campus) or 215-572-2999 (ext. 2999 on campus) for emergencies.

Department Services We are committed to service to the University community. If you have any feedback for us, please contact us either online, in person or by phone at 215-572-2800. We want to hear from you. Members of the Public Safety Department work to provide a safe living, learning environment for students, faculty and staff. Special services aid in helping us fulfill that responsibility. Services include:

  • Anonymous crime reporting hotline
  • Identification cards
  • Parking permits/temporary parking permits
  • Community service
  • Investigative services
  • Fire and intrusion alarm monitoring and response
  • Lost and found
  • Operation identification
  • Parking office
  • Safety escorts
  • RAD self defense program
  • SAFE self defense program
  • Special events requests
  • Proactive patrols of all buildings and grounds on campus, and any off-campus properties
  • Response to medical and other emergencies
  • Courtesy vehicle jump-starts

If the University experiences any telephone problems, the Public Safety Department is equipped with non-University telephones for such situations. If the normal telephone numbers do not work, call 215-290-9700. If you have an emergency and cannot reach us by any of these numbers, call 911 immediately.