Part-time Employment

Campus Work-Study Program (CWS) is a federal program, administered by the University, which provides jobs for full-time undergraduate students with financial need and who must earn part of their educational expenses. The opportunity to work on campus under this program is offered as part of the financial aid package to those students that qualify. Work-study is not deducted from the tuition bill directly. Students receive an hourly wage for hours worked and students are paid bi-weekly. Employment is not guaranteed.

The Work-Study program is coordinated by the One-Stop Shop. Eligible students may also have an opportunity to work under CWS in the summer or other academic breaks in the year. Visit Student Payroll. Students who are interested in working but do not receive a work study award as part of their financial aid package can seek assistance in finding part-time work in the community through the Office of Career Education: Knight Hall, Suite 133, 215-572-2939,

Graduate Students A number of graduate assistantships are available to graduate students in degree programs. Appointment is on a semester-to-semester basis. Any person who has been admitted into the graduate program and is taking at least 9 graduate credits in a semester (or 6 credits throughout the summer session) at Arcadia University is eligible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship position.

Applications are available in the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, at the Registrar’s Office or online at Please attach a neatly typed resume to the application and deliver it to the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, which is located in Taylor Hall, Room 112.

Applications will be placed in a file for selection by faculty members or administrators. In order to receive payment, GAs must complete a W9 form and submit it to their supervisor. GAs will be will awarded a stipend for the work they complete, which will be paid monthly, over the course of the semester. 

GAs typically work an average of 4 to 8 hours a week during the academic semester. GAs cannot work more than 32 hours a week at any time. The exact role the individual Graduate Assistant will play depends on the requirements of the specific professor with whom he or she is placed.