Office of Engagement & New Student Programs

Office of Engagement and New Student Programs, Commons, 215-517-2481 

The Office of Engagement and New Student Programs supports integrative learning, growth, and development through student organizations, leadership initiatives, and social, educational, and cultural programming for new and current students. The following Core Values guide our work:

  • Complement the Arcadia University mission and Core Values
  • Facilitate the practical application and enhancement of leadership skills
  • Support institutional retention efforts
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop professional competencies
  • Serve as champions and advocates for new and current Arcadia University students
  • Challenge and support to promote learning

ENSP provides experiences that complement what students learn inside of the classroom. Through our offerings, students hone/develop these core competencies:

  •  Personal Development: Personal development involves an understanding of oneself and is the first step toward personal success and fulfillment. Students will build resiliency and develop an awareness of self, assessing personal strengths and identifying areas of growth for continued development. 
  • Interpersonal Networks: Interpersonal networks is the development of deep personal connections with others based upon reciprocal honest and direct communication, sincerity, and mutual respect for others. Students will interact effectively with a variety of individuals and groups to create meaningful relationships and communities. 
  • Leadership Development: Leadership development involves a spectrum of skills and character qualities that result in a well-rounded student prepared to influence positive change on the community. Students will understand that leadership is a lifelong process, is relationship-oriented, and situational in nature. 
  • Social Responsibility: Developing social responsibility and civility require students to demonstrate ethical behavior, take action against injustice, be informed, and be an active, engaged community member. Through these interactions, students will gain an appreciation of diversity, respect for others, and acquire essential skills for their life after college. 
  • Professional Development: Students experience professional development which enhances effective leadership, employability, and lifelong learning while fostering intellectual curiosity and an ability to relate knowledge to daily life and larger contexts. Students will create a professional identity by fully integrating and utilizing learning that happens both inside and outside of the classroom. 

The Office of Engagement and New Student Programs is located in the Commons. The Student Government Organization (SGO) and Student Programming Board (SPB) also have offices in the Commons, and space is available for all student groups to meet, work on projects, conduct business and create programming related to the organization. The Commons also serves as the living room of campus, a place for students to study, unwind, and relax. Housed in the Commons includes The Chat, Game Room, and Great Room.