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Helpful Information for Existing Student Organizations

Student organizations at Arcadia serve as the backbone to many of our campus traditions and are an integral and vibrant component of the student experience.  Over 50 student organizations plan a number of social, educational, and service-related events and programs for the campus community.  Recognized student organizations are able to reserve space; participate in the bi-annual Activities Fair and other student organization fairs, including Family Weekend and Spring Fling; have access to Engagement and New Student Programs staff; and are eligible for a budget from the Student Government Organization (SGO).  Any undergraduate student may participate in student organizations.  A comprehensive list of student organizations is available here.

Requirements to Hold Student Organization Office

In order to serve as an officer of a recognized student organization, as a class officer, or as a SGO Senator, students must be full-time and in good academic and conduct standings with the University. These standards must be maintained throughout the term of office. In order to serve as an executive officer of the SGO, students must have a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.

Student Organization Handbook

The Student Organization Handbook, serves as an important resource for you as you build and sustain a successful student organization.  Included in this document are important policies and procedures, helpful tips on how to work with your advisor and liaison, and guiding regulations for how to facilitate a highly functional student organization.  Please take time to read through the handbook and refer to it as needed.  Please make sure to pay particular attention to the following:

•             Advertising and Posting Policy
•             Budgetary Guidelines and Policies
•             Contracts
•             Event Planning
•             Fundraising Policy and Fundraising Authorization Form
•             Google Groups and Student Organization email Addresses
•             Movie Rights
•             Room Reservations, Event Setups, and Audio/Visual Equipment
•             Student Organization Creation, Recognition, Registration, and Sustainability
•             Student Organization Regulations
•             Travel Guidelines, Travel Authority Form (You must be signed on to KnightLife to access this form) & Travel Request Form Page 2.

Knight Life

KnightLife is an engagement platform that hosts our programming and student organization resources, materials, and processes. Student leaders are able to advertise student organization events, promote social media feeds, and manage student organization membership and paperwork. Students will even be able to join organization with the click of a button All recognized student organizations have a KnightLife page. To ensure you are making the most out of KnightLife resources, you should consider the following:

Solicitation and Fundraising

Neither you nor a student organization to which you belong may serve as an agent or representative of any off-campus agency for the purpose of selling or promoting the sale of goods or services on the Arcadia University campus unless given by the Dean of Students or their designee. Individuals and organizations that are not affiliated with the University are not permitted to sell, solicit, or promote the sale of goods unless sponsored by a student organization or agency of the University. Questions relating to fundraising activities should be brought to the attention of the Associate Dean of Students.

Starting a Student Organization

If you are interested in starting an organization that we do not currently offer, please complete this form (You must be logged on to KnightLife to access this form).  You can also contact us at  for more information.