Examinations and Make-Ups

Regularly Scheduled Examinations

Instructors are expected to announce the date of hourly tests and mid-term examinations well in advance. The policy of the University regarding final examinations is as follows:

The semester does not officially end until the last examination is completed. Do not schedule conflicting off-campus commitments until after that date.

Examinations are to be taken as scheduled except for illness or other unavoidable reasons. Final critiques in Art are considered to be examinations and are scheduled during the examination week. Exceptions may be made only by petition to the Committee on Academic Standing and Petitions no later than the Wednesday after the mid-semester date, for the fall semester; no later than the Wednesday after spring vacation, for spring semester.

Request for Changing Date and/or Time for a Final Examination

Each semester the schedule for final examinations, including dates, times and locations, is published by the Registrar. If for special reasons you find it necessary to request a change in the date and/or time for a final examination, you must file a petition with the Committee on Academic Standing and Petitions. Forms for this petition may be secured from the Office of the Registrar. Completed forms should be returned to the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Action on petitions will be taken by the Committee in accordance with the following rules:

  1. A request by a student to reschedule an examination is to be granted in any one of the following cases:
    • Two exams are scheduled at the same time.
    • Four exams are scheduled within two consecutive days.
    • Three exams are scheduled on the same day.
    • The only scheduled exam is at the end of the exam week (full-time students only).
    • There is a medical reason for not taking the exams as scheduled. (Such reasons must be validated by a physician’s note.)
  2. Normally, a request is not to be granted in the following cases:
    • The exam schedule is viewed by the student as an academic hardship even though it is not one of the cases cited under (1).
    • An exam conflicts with an employment commitment made by the student.
    • An exam conflicts with travel plans made by the student.
  3. Any case not described under (1) or (2) is to be considered by the Committee, and a majority vote by the members is required to grant such a request.
  4. Student whose request is not granted may submit an appeal with additional information to the Committee. If this appeal is not granted, the student may appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. In this event, the decision of the Vice President is final.

Make-up Examinations

Permission to make up hourly tests from which you have been absent is at the discretion of the instructor.

If you are unable to appear for a final examination, inform the instructor in advance if possible or as soon after the examination as practicable. If you cannot reach the instructor, notify the appropriate Dean. If notification has not been given, you will not be permitted to make up the examination, and the grade on the examination will be F.

If a final examination or other work to be made up cannot be completed within the scheduled examination period or before final grades are due, an incomplete grade may be sent and the usual procedures for the incomplete grades followed.

Arrangements for taking make-up examinations may be made through the instructor, Department Chair, or Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies.