Classification of Students

A day program student with normal progress will have accumulated the following credits:

  • End of freshman year – 32 credits
  • End of sophomore year – 64 credits
  • End of junior year – 96 credits

However, for financial aid purposes, students who have earned between 27-56 credits will be classified as sophomores; those who have earned between 57-86 credits will be classified as juniors. For senior status, 87 credits are required. A total of 128 credits is required for graduation in day programs and 120 credits for degree completion programs.

Leave of Absence Policy

An undergraduate student in good academic standing (2.0 cum GPA for upperclassmen, 1.75 cum GPA for first-years) who encounters unforeseen emergency circumstances, such as illness, death in the immediate family, etc., may apply for a leave of absence during the current semester, provided the leave period is 30 days or less. Applications for leave must be obtained directly from the Registrar and will be reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and the Dean of Students. Students granted a leave of absence continue to be charged the regular tuition rate and any financial aid, as originally allocated, will also remain the same. Should the student not return within the specified period indicated on the approved request, he or she will be required to officially withdraw from the University and should immediately contact the Registrar’s Office to complete a withdrawal form. In cases of withdrawal, tuition charges and applied aid will be determined according to the University’s regular refund policy for withdrawing students, listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. Please note that meeting individually with professors and completing missed course work due to a leave of absence is solely the responsibility of the student.

For Financial Aid purposes, a student’s leave of absence may not exceed 180 days in any 12-month period.

Withdrawal from the University

If you wish to withdraw from the University, you need to notify the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and complete the appropriate forms. For purposes of refunding payment for board, the official withdrawal date is the date you leave the residence hall and submit the withdrawal form. See the undergraduate catalog for the refund schedule.

If you intend to withdraw at the end of a semester, obtain a withdrawal form from the Registrar and return it as soon as your plans are definite.

The University may, upon recommendation of the University professional staff, request a student to withdraw for medical or psychological reasons.

Dismissal from the University

The University reserves the right to dismiss a student any time for unsatisfactory academic performance or for conduct detrimental to the University or to the welfare of other students.


Application forms for re-admission may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The form will then be submitted to the committee for review. A student is required to complete the re-admission procedure if they meet either of the following criteria:

  • The student has not been enrolled during the last semester or
  • The student left the University in poor academic standing (less than a 2.0). This includes both matriculated and non-matriculated students.

A student who was in good academic and social standing at the time of withdrawal is usually re-admitted to the University. A student who has attended another college in the interim must submit an official transcript of course work undertaken. In cases of withdrawal for reasons of health, a full report from the physician(s) who treated the student must be sent to the University Student Health Services.