Enrollment Status

Continuous Enrollment

Students admitted to a degree program are expected to enroll continuously until the program is complete. For students in Counseling, Education, English, Health Education, Humanities and Public Health programs, continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment in both semesters of the regular academic year, or one semester of the academic year and one summer session, or both regular summer sessions.

Leave of Absence

A student who is unable to register for courses because of a serious illness, personal/professional reasons, extraordinary job requirements or military service may be granted a leave of absence without penalty. The leave of absence is normally limited to one year. The student must inform the chair in writing of his/her intention. A leave of absence must be confirmed by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Students with an absence of one year without an approved leave of absence or who extend leave beyond one year will be governed by new departmental/program guidelines upon their return to the program.

Withdrawal from the University

A student who has withdrawn from a program for personal reasons, (that is, other than dismissal for academic or ethical reasons) may reapply within two years of that withdrawal by sending a letter requesting reinstatement to the Dean of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies. The Dean forwards that request to the appropriate departmental admissions committee, which will communicate its decision to the student. In some cases, a student may be asked to submit materials updating the original application, including documentation of any additional academic work. If the withdrawal was granted contingent upon some action(s) on the part of the student, the student also will be required to demonstrate that the recommended steps have been taken. If more than two years have elapsed, a new application must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Management. Please refer to program listings for program-specific requirements.


Students are expected to abide by the regulations set forth by Arcadia University and the written policies and procedures of their respective departments. The University reserves the right to dismiss a student at any time for unsatisfactory academic performance or for conduct detrimental to the University or to the welfare of other students. Departments also reserve the right to dismiss a student if it is determined that a student’s conduct is unprofessional or is not consistent with the code of ethics of their intended profession. A student may be dismissed from a program for the following reasons: 1. A grade below “C” in a didactic course. 2. A grade of “U” or below “C” in a clinical education experience. 3. A grade below “B” in an Education Practicum. 4. Conduct detrimental to the University or to the welfare of other students. 5. Conduct that violates the code of academic and/or professional ethics.


Application forms for re-admission may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar and submitted to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for approval. A student is required to complete the re-admission procedure if they meet either of the following criteria:

  • The student has not been enrolled within the last two years
  • The student left the University in poor academic standing (less than a 2.0). This includes both matriculated and non-matriculated students.

A student who was in good academic and social standing at the time of withdrawal is usually re-admitted to the University. A student who has attended another college in the interim must submit an official transcript of course work undertaken. In cases of withdrawal for reasons of health, a full report from the physician(s) who treated the student must be sent to the University Student Health Services.