Administrative Hearing

Administrative Hearings are conduct hearings led by Hearing Officers.

After a report regarding an incident is submitted to Student Affairs, contact is initiated with the student in violation of policy. All contact will be made via Arcadia e-mail. All Arcadia University students are expected to check their Arcadia e-mail on a regular basis. Failure to do so is not a valid excuse for failing to receive this notification. The student is instructed to make an appointment with a hearing officer (usually an Area Coordinator) as soon as possible. This communication generally goes out within five business days of receipt of the report.  However, this time period could be delayed depending on the time of year and other priorities within Student Affairs.

During the meeting, the student has an opportunity to describe the alleged incident. Decisions are not made at the time of the meeting. Possible sanctions are discussed. If appropriate, a letter is sent via Arcadia e-mail which includes the charges of violations and the determined sanctions. Appeals are only valid in cases where a violation in hearing procedures are alleged to have occurred and where these alleged violations have directly affected the outcome of the case. In appropriate cases, appeals may be submitted within 48 hours of the receipt of the decision letter. If sufficient discrepancies exist an appeal may be granted.