Adult Children of Alcoholics

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Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOAs) have special strengths. In many cases they are real “survivors” from difficult home lives. One of every eight children in this country grew to adulthood in a household directed by one or more alcoholic parents. Research is indicating a genetic vulnerability that predisposes some individuals to alcoholism. Environmental contributors are important as well. Some 10 million Americans suffer from the disease of addiction to alcohol.
Children of alcoholics learned to live with chaos, trauma, confusion and pain. Their emotional scars can run deep. Often it is in close relationships where trouble surfaces. It is often here that these individuals seek help to work things out.

Help for ACOAs is available such as self-help books, ACOA peer support groups and personal therapy. If you identify as an ACOA, decide what is best for you. Such help is available on campus, along with resources, and in the community.