How the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy and Code of Conduct Intersect

Any violation of the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) policy is a violation of the Code of Conduct and is therefore subject to disciplinary action. While the AOD policy designates suggested sanctions for violations, sanctions can be substituted or added should the violation be especially egregious. Due to the effects of the use and/or abuse of alcohol and other drugs, it is not unusual for a violation of the Code of Conduct to occur at the same time that an AOD policy violation occurs (for example, vandalism, violence, failure to comply with the directions of staff). These violations will be adjudicated in conjunction with the violation of the AOD policy.

It is important to note that graduate schools and some employers (particularly governmental agencies and schools) can legally request information regarding a student’s disciplinary record. An alcohol or other drug violation noted on a disciplinary record can negatively affect one’s chances to be admitted to some graduate programs and/or to be hired for certain jobs.