Reason for Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

The primary mission of Arcadia University faculty and staff is to educate students, in and out of the classroom, to prepare them for life in a rapidly changing global society. We recognize that alcohol and other drugs are a part of this global society and therefore approach the issue of substance use in a way that educates while holding students accountable for their actions and for the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We also know that alcohol and other drug abuse can interfere with a student’s ability to fully participate in the educational mission of the University and that alcohol and other drug abuse is the number one health problem on college campuses. Our primary appeal to students who choose to drink is that they make legal and low-risk choices that do not interfere with their overall health or their ability to take full advantage of the opportunities offered to them at the University.

Arcadia University staff and faculty value personal accountability, care for oneself and respect for others in the community; therefore, in compliance with the Drug Free Workplace act of 1988(P.L. 100-690) and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989(P.O. 101-206), the University community recommends that all students read and understand the following information. This information applies to all members of the University community. University employees must adhere to the guidelines found in the Faculty Handbook and the Staff Handbook. All visitors are expected to comply with this policy.