4. Technology Abuse

When there is indication of any of the following abuses, or any other abuse which either interferes with the proper functioning of the University’s computer, telephone, or other systems or impinges on another user’s rights, the Chief Information Officer or his or her staff will be authorized to investigate and bring charges. Your privileges to use any computer, the campus network, telephone, or other resources may be suspended by the Chief Information Officer until the outcome of a judicial hearing.

Examples of technology abuse include but are not limited to the following:

  • Unauthorized attempt to, or threat to modify, or the modification of, computer equipment or peripherals.
  • Unauthorized attempt to, or threat to add/delete/change software, or the addition/deletion or change of software, such as games, graphics, operating systems, compilers, utility routines, etc.
  • Use of an account without proper authorization from the owner of the account.
  • Reading or use of private files, including the University’s administrative or academic files, without proper authorization, or changing or deleting private files belonging to another user without proper authorization.
  • Violations of property rights and copyrights..
  • Use of software to communicate offensive or obscene messages to other users of the system or anyone else on the internet.
  • Accessing offensive or obscene materials in University computer labs or in public areas.

The use of any Arcadia University computer for copying licensed or copyrighted software (whether the software is owned by the University or not), copyrighted music, copyrighted video is strictly prohibited. Also prohibited is copying University-owned, licensed, or copyrighted software on any other computer. Arcadia University Computer Center consultant/operators are authorized to monitor and report such violations.

Please visit the IT Security Module under the Technology Tab in MyArcadia for more info.